Description    goods and services

goods and services

We will prepare high-quality selling descriptions for the goods or services of your company

Texts    in 4 languages ​​

in 4 languages ​​

The team includes copywriters who write texts in Russian, Polish, English and German

 Content    management


"Turnkey" - from writing texts to uploading to the site with a selection of photo or video materials

SEO  optimization

SEO optimization

We write texts for key queries and optimize existing content for search engines


1 - Call or meeting

Content marketing is a very broad service. To understand what exactly you need, we can talk by phone, Skype, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp or in another convenient way. It would be ideal if you can meet in person in Warsaw. We will meet face to face and discuss in detail the tasks to be completed.

2 - Signing the contract

We cooperate after the conclusion of an agreement, which will necessarily spell out all the services provided, criteria for assessing their quality, terms and prices. If you want to change something in the current document - add or remove the service - this can be done by signing an additional agreement.

3 - Creating a strategy

In order for content marketing to have the desired effect, it should be done systematically according to the developed strategy. We will select the best option for promoting through texts for your project, taking into account the current situation and budget.

Throughout our cooperation, we will monitor the effectiveness of all steps performed. If one of the methods does not bring sufficient results, we will select a more suitable option.

4 - Elaboration of the work plan

Creating a strategy is the first step in content marketing. But to achieve specific goals and objectives, a more detailed study will be required, that is, the creation of a content plan for a month or two in advance in all those areas that will be in the work: improving website texts, blogging and social networks, posting articles on third-party resources, etc. .д.

Each month we will draw up a detailed plan with estimated costs for all types of work.

5 - Writing texts

Our copywriters are native speakers and write texts in Russian, Polish, English or translate into German. They create descriptions for products, sections, about the company, commercial offers, presentation texts, landing pages, newsletters, expert and informational articles with keys for SEO promotion, prepare content for social networks and write press releases.

6 - Coordination of texts

Unfortunately, we can't completely do without a time limit for approving or making changes, and you will have from 2 to 5 working days, since the effectiveness of content marketing depends on the timeliness of publication of materials. Please pay maximum attention to this so that the text can be amended and approved by the planned date. If you don't have time, delegate the task to one of your subordinates.

7 - Publishing texts

You do not have to waste time on such a routine process as publishing texts, designing product cards, creating presentations, etc. We undertake all this. We will find everywhere the necessary graphic and video materials that will increase the engagement of visitors, close their questions and promote sales.

8 - Continuation of cooperation

Content marketing benefits in the long term by carefully reviewing the performance of each text and adjusting the strategy and content plan as needed. That is why our contracts are usually designed for cooperation within 6-12 months or are aimed at working on a specific project.

What can we offer for you?


Our authors -
native speakers


We write
and publish on the site


Work strictly on the approved plan

Customer reviews


I sincerely recommend cooperation with agency. All work was done professionally and on time. 

Personal trainer

I recommend cooperation. The site meets my requirements. Very pleasant and patient attitude. One more time – recommend!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It depends on the type and subject matter of the material. We take content seriously, that's why for many articles we analyze the first page of search results and the best texts of competitors. Also, experts from your side can be involved to create quality expert materials, which can increase the time for writing a single text.

    The price for a content marketing service directly depends on the volume and complexity of the work. The initial content of the site is incomparable in terms of labor costs in comparison with the placement of 3-5 expert articles on third-party sites. You will know the exact cost of work for a month after preparing a preliminary plan. At this stage, we give you the opportunity to make adjustments to the budgeting process and, accordingly, you yourself will be able to influence the final amount, depending on your goals.

    We strive to create useful selling content for your website and high-quality expert articles for third-party resources, where the texts will be posted for your company's PR. Want to see some examples? Leave a request in any form on the site or contact us yourself.

    Articles in English, Russian and Polish are written by native speakers, translated into German by a qualified translator. All our employees have been working in copywriting for over 3 years, have experience in creating many types of texts for different topics based on an analysis of the needs of the target audience.

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    Each project is individual and requires attention and detailed planning. I will help you implement ideas step by step to achieve your goal.

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