Google Ads in Europe

Company audit

Company audit

We will analyze your campaign and prepare a detailed report

Advertising customization

Advertising customization

In 2-3 days we will set up and launch contextual advertising in Google Ads

Analytics customization

Analytics customization

We will set the necessary goals for assessing the effectiveness of advertising

Remarketing customization

Remarketing customization

We will return the visitor to your site, even if he came only once


1 - Call or meeting

A face-to-face meeting is necessary in order to understand your business and determine the goals of the upcoming advertising campaign.

Only as a result of getting to know you, we will be able to accurately draw a portrait of your target audience, develop a strategy and tactics for an advertising campaign, determine its budget and key indicators.

2 - Signing a contract

All work on the project will be started immediately after signing the contract and making an advance payment in accordance with it. This document will contain all the nuances - from the cost of services to guarantees.

3 - Analysis of the market and competitors

Any advertising campaign begins with an analysis of the niche in which the business operates and competitors offering similar services or products.

Professional analytics will help you to competently build an advertising campaign strategy and reach higher positions than competitors.

4 - Creating an advertising campaign

Based on the collected statistical data, the expertise of your business and our own experience, we select the most effective channels, collect key queries, design banners, write text ads, set up remarketing.

5 - Launching an advertising campaign

Setting up a Google Ads advertising campaign and launching impressions. Using the Google Analytics system, we analyze the most effective key phrases, platforms, campaigns, key queries and remove irrelevant ones.

6 - Analysis and Testing

We do end-to-end analytics of each request, evaluating the cost per click, conversion, CTR and ROI for each element of the campaign.

We see how the user interacts with your site, what were the clicks, where the user went, whether there were any conversions by keywords.

7 - Optimization

Based on the analysis, we clarify key queries, test ads, adjust settings and carry out seasonal optimization. After that, we reallocate the budget, adjust bids to scale the most effective ads, and test new ones.

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I sincerely recommend cooperation with agency. All work was done professionally and on time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of running an ad campaign depends on the competition in your niche. Contact us at +48 574 665 299 or leave your contact information in any form on this page so that we can calculate the required budget in advance.

As a rule, applications from potential customers are received within the first day after the launch of contextual advertising. It directly depends on your field of activity and its characteristics.

We provide full access to the advertising office, where you can see the effectiveness of launched ads and the cost of advertising. Also, every month we compile a report on the effectiveness of campaigns and the work done.

To effectively set up contextual advertising, you need to conduct a preliminary audit, collect keywords, analyze them, plan a budget, approve it with you and write ads that will be visible to Google users. This will take about 1 week.

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