Creation of online stores anywhere in the world

Unique  design


We will take care of the beauty and functionality of your online store. We will only use branded colors and pleasant backgrounds to promote shopping.

Connection   to CRM

Connection to CRM

We will carry out the maximum automation of your online store, connecting it to the CRM system used in the company, or we will select the optimal one for you.

Online  payment


Your customers will be able to pay for the order immediately after its creation, from the shopping cart of the online store. To do this, we integrate secure online payment systems.

Technical support

Technical support

We provide training on how to use the online store, as well as provide warranty and technical support after its launch.



Any good business starts with a pleasant acquaintance! We will carefully analyze the business, check the details of the market and “recognize” your competitors.

Based on the information received, we will offer you the easiest ways to popularize the product and apply the magic of marketing outside of Hogwarts. All of this will invariably lead to increased direct sales and new customer acquisition.


We work only under an official contract. It will spell out all our obligations, a list of services, deadlines and guarantees. Payment under the agreement is divided into 3 stages.

Our company has been operating in Poland since 2013. We have launched over 30 online stores.


We will work out the structure of the site, which will meet the needs of users and modern trends. To do this, you will need to receive from you a list of categories and types of goods, as well as jointly draw up a "portrait" of potential buyers.

This stage is one of the most important, basic. It will not take much time, but it will require your involvement in the process to work out all the details of the future online store.

4 - Design development

Our designer creates the appearance of the site based on information from the layout and wishes from you. If you have already developed a brand book, we will strictly follow its recommendations. After the design of the main page is approved, the specialist will start working on the remaining pages of the site..

The approximate time frame for this stage is up to 2 weeks, depending on the designer's workload and the time you have for approvals.

5 - Creation of an online store

At this stage, we carry out the programming of the site and connect it to the admin panel. Hosting will be selected, a domain will be registered, primary internal optimization for SEO-promotion in search engines will be carried out. We will also connect and configure the CRM system, if necessary.

The estimated time frame for this stage is up to 2 weeks.

6 - Online store testing

Before starting the launch of an online store, programmers conduct a thorough testing of it. First - technical checks of the resource of reliability and high throughput, then testing by the user and search robots.

After that, you can independently test the sales funnel - from searching for a product to placing an order.

7 - Administration training

Before launching an online store, we will teach you and your employees how to use it: upload new products, edit descriptions and photos, track and process orders.

For the first two months after the start, even if you have not entered into a technical support agreement, we will continue to advise and help you deal with the administration.

8 - First clients

We cannot say for sure when the first order will be placed after the launch of the online store. But if you need clients right now, we can set up contextual advertising. This is the fastest way to attract potential buyers to your website.

To attract visitors from search engines, you can order an SEO promotion service from us or engage in advertising and website development on your own.

9 - Technical support

You can order technical support for your online store so that it is always available to customers and meets the latest technical requirements.

If necessary, we will carry out improvements and improvements to the site: connect or develop new store functionality, create graphic materials for promotions, add landing pages for promotional products, etc.

What can we offer for you?




and user-friendly design


12 months of technical

Customer reviews


I sincerely recommend cooperation with agency. All work was done professionally and on time. 

Personal trainer

I recommend cooperation. The site meets my requirements. Very pleasant and patient attitude. One more time – recommend!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost depends on the complexity and scale of the project. The more sections and products you have, the better the automation is implemented, the more expensive the development will be. We have “package” offers of different levels. You can find out about them from the manager at +48 574 665 299 or by writing to [email protected]. The development time depends on the functionality you choose. We make simple online stores in 1-2 months, the development of complex projects can take up to six months.

In the control panel, you will see how the client decided to pay for the order. We will certainly integrate the online payment option into all our online stores. For this we use secure services Przelewy24, PayU or PayPal. Money for goods or services is credited to your account almost instantly.

There are many advertising and promotion options to get visitors to an online store. The fastest is contextual advertising. We can customize it for you almost from the first day of the site operation. At the same time, we recommend promoting on Facebook or Instagram and the Google search engine. They will give their results in 3-6 months after the start of work.

For the first two months, we advise on the use of the control panel. Six months after the start - warranty service, during which we will eliminate errors if something was missed at the testing stage. For full-fledged maintenance and support, you can conclude an additional cooperation agreement.

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