Seo promotion in Europe

SEO- audit


Technical analysis of the website's readiness for promotion and comparison with 2-3 competitors

Key freight   collection

Key freight

We will collect the keys for promotion, perform grouping and prepare the site structure

Strategy   development


We develop an individual strategy for website promotion according to our author's methodology

Position  monitoring


We track how the positions of your site change according to the keys that we promote to the TOP



We answer all questions, explain in detail and with examples how sites are promoted in search engines, we will tell you about our author's technique, which allows you to quickly achieve the best positions in the search results.

Search engine optimization is the most stable option for getting leads (orders) from a website. Only he has a long-term effect even after the cessation of active actions.

2 - SEO-audi

To determine the price of promotion and develop an individual strategy, you need a full SEO audit of your site and comparison with the closest competitors. We will analyze the technical readiness of the site, analyze the meta tags and the structure of the selling funnel.

After that, we will prepare a promotion plan and a commercial offer with specific prices for each required type of work.


We work strictly under a contract that will spell out the obligations of both parties, specific measurable indicators that we will strive to achieve, as well as the cost of services and terms.

Any additional work or changes that you decide to order will also take place exclusively on official documents. We do not impose additional services on clients. We always honestly explain what is behind each process and why it is necessary.

4 -Analysis of search queries and competition

Before starting the promotion, we collect the SEO core, that is, the key queries by which your site will be promoted to the TOP of search engines. We will analyze all of them in order to find the optimal ones.

It is important to choose those keys that do not require high costs to enter the TOP, but at the same time bring a high profit - potential customers' referrals to the site and receiving applications from them.

5 - Website optimization

Search engines have several hundred indicators that are taken into account when ranking sites in the SERP. Some of them relate directly to the quality of the resource and its work: the speed of opening pages, the correct display on mobile devices, etc..

At this stage, we carry out the maximum improvement of the technical characteristics of the site, as well as the optimization of its pages in terms of SEO-promotion for selected queries.

6 - External optimization

After the end of the internal optimization of the site for search engines, work begins directly on its promotion on the Internet. This is a whole complex of different actions, on the success and sufficiency of which the place of your site in the search results depends.

The promotion strategy depends directly on the specifics of your business and competition in the Internet niche, as well as many other factors that we will definitely take into account.

7 - Position analysis and reporting

We monitor position changes on a daily basis in order to adjust the search engine promotion strategy. You can also analyze positions from your Personal Account. In addition, a personal manager will be in touch with you.

Every month you will receive a report where all the funds spent will be registered and the dynamics of changes in positions for the promoted keys will be indicated.

8 - Extending the SEO core

User queries are constantly changing, the principles of ranking in search engines are changing. That is why one of the tasks of our studio is to make timely changes to the strategy of search engine promotion of your resource. This is the key to constant growth in traffic to the site and an increase in the number of applications you receive from it, that is, profit.

What can we offer for you?


Effective author's promotion strategy


Work on specific measurable indicators


Transparent SEO Promotion Budgeting

Customer reviews


I sincerely recommend cooperation with agency. All work was done professionally and on time. 

Personal trainer

I recommend cooperation. The site meets my requirements. Very pleasant and patient attitude. One more time – recommend!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The exact price of website promotion will be known after the initial SEO audit. You can call us at +48 574 665 299, write to [email protected] or fill out this form so that we can calculate the cost of bringing your resource to the TOP for free.

    We fix the price directly for SEO-promotion, when together we select keywords that we will promote to the TOP. If they do not change, the price will not change either. At the initial stage, with internal site optimization, additional costs may be required to improve your resource: adaptive layout or mobile version, redesign, development of a selling funnel, etc. You will be informed about the required amount of work at the stage of concluding the contract.

    We will promote your site for several dozen key queries at once. For some reason, reaching the TOP is possible after 2-3 months of work. Others will take six months or more. It is impossible to predict in advance the exact date of entering the TOP for each individual request.

    Every month you will receive a detailed report on changes in positions and work done on your project. In addition, you yourself will have access to your personal account for monitoring and the phone number of your personal manager for explanations and clarifications on any day of the week.

    The best measurement of the result of SEO promotion is increasing the position of the site in the search results. The higher your resource is in the TOP, the more visitors. The more visitors, the more leads you will receive, that is, applications for your goods or services.

    Yes, but if you want instant results, SEO is not a good fit. Only contextual advertising can do it. You can read more about this here: Google Ads. We also provide social media promotion service. Although sales through SMM promotion take less time than SEO promotion, the first results will not be as fast as with contextual advertising. You can find out more about this here.

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